Sunday, February 19, 2012

Craigs Brook Nature Trail 02/12

     Sometimes life gets a little busy, somewhat overwhelming. It can be hard to get out and do that big adventure that's been in the plans for some time. Alas, I had a yearning for the outdoors, yet little uncommitted time to afford.
     Fortunately, there are places one can go and experience a refreshing outdoor walk in a small timeframe.
     Today I decided to do a short loop through the woods behind Craigs Brook Fish Hatchery. No serious climbs, no big miles. Just a short walk through Mother Nature's living room.

     As soon as I step out of the car, I am greeted by the sound of a woodpecker nearby. Already, this was worth stopping by for after work.
     Walking through the snow and ice, I can't help but to appreciate this short little trail. After laboring all day, it feels great to stretch the legs, and casually walk with a little taste of nature. I pass this place many times in the course of my day, but never have I just stopped to enjoy it.

     The trail takes me by a small, frozen brook. At one point I passed a bench, in a nice location to sit and reflect. Winding back toward the entrance, I passed the remains of a what may have been a former dam. My curiosity has me wondering. I may just have to look into the history surrounding the area.

     Sometimes all it takes is a short stroll to really improve the mood. I'm not going to lie, a challenge is what I truly crave right now... But a satisfying walk through the woods is never a bad thing.

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