Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to The Outdoor Wanderer!

Hello and welcome to this new blog, "The Outdoor Wanderer"! My name is Ray, and I will be out adventuring and exploring the natural world, and sharing my experiences on this site. My goal with this is to expand on several of my passions, outdoor activities and writing, to combine them and hopefully take them to new heights. I also hope that this blog will inspire me to spend more time outdoors, and to continually be active.
I will try and update this blog as frequently as possible. Hopefully I will have a new adventure to share every week or two at least, and in between I hope to write articles about gear, skills, news, and maybe just general writings on the topic of the outdoors.
I plan on connecting with you all on a continual basis... whether it be from my kayak, snowshoes, or boots on the top of a mountain.
Thank you for joining me and Happy Trails!


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