Friday, January 20, 2012

Fields Pond, Holden, ME

     Deciding to ring in 2012 with style, me and a few friends decide to take a stroll at Fields Pond on the second day of the new year. Starting late in the afternoon, we didn't have long to spend, but this simple Audubon area offers a leisurely walk through some very pretty woods.
     Fields Pond Audubon Center offers a variety of natural habitat, ranging from fields to forest to wetland. The sanctuary is 192 acres and offers meandering trails throughout. There is an impressive visitors center and volunteers provide family activities. This appears to be a great place to bring children.
     We start our short trek by taking Ravine Trail. This is a pleasant walk through forest, with a gentle slope, overlooking a nice brook at the bottom of the ravine. The temps were cold enough to freeze the water, despite the odd winter we have experiencing this year. usually by this time in the season I would be snowshoeing. Not this year, however.
     The trail eventually loops around, and we decide to take Brook Trail to our left. This trail has us cross a couple brooks and takes use through a less dense area of forest. At one point on this path, we spot a group of wild turkey.
     We eventually connect with and follow Lakeshore Trail, which brings us to an opening by the pond. With benches and nice view, this would be a great destination to break for lunch on a summer afternoon, and watch wildlife and enjoy a breeze.
     We spend some time enjoying the sunset, radiant with color over the frozen pond, before following Lakeshore Trail back out to the parking lot.
     Fields Pond is not a challenging area to hike by any means. What this place offers is a nice trek through pretty habitats on well maintained trails. It is a great place when you wish to take a peaceful stroll in the woods, and it seems to me to be an excellent opportunity for young children to experience and learn about the outdoors. Whatever your reason for visiting, this is a great resource and a privilege for anyone to enjoy, right in the backyard of Bangor, Maine.

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