Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Odd Winter Weather

  So here I am, I have the next few days off, some new equipment to try, and an itch to head into the woods. If there is one thing Maine is not shy on, it's places to hike. I am trying to figure out an ideal place for an adventure for the next few days, that fit my current agenda.
     Normally at this time of year in Maine, I would require snowshoes and gear to take me down to sub-zero temps. But as I look out the window now, it looks like Spring is practically upon us. It's a wet one, but that is a fine trade-off for the absence of cold.
     I need to take advantage of this weather. I would love to just go out there now, and get an early start, but alas responsibilities require tending to. However I could utilize this eve, and take advantage of the next few days. Oh, the possibilities!
     Looking ahead at the forecast for the next few days, it does appear the temperature will drop a bit, but it shouldn't be real cold at all in the next few days. Also it appears there won't be much chance of precipitation. Sounds perfect to me.

     Well, the spirit that is Mother Nature has spoken, and has successfully convinced me that an escape into the wilderness is just what I need right now. I am still working on the details of exactly when and where, but I look forward to writing about my experience on here afterwords, and I hope you will care to read it.
     Happy trails and cheers to a good adventure!

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