Friday, January 27, 2012

Hiking In The Southwest

     Flipping through some pictures today, I came across some really nice images I took during the time I resided in Arizona. Arizona, and the Southwest in general, is very exciting to me. Having originally lived in New England, my time in Arizona felt very exotic.
     The land in the Southwest is very diverse. you have various desert scenarios it is so well known for, of course. But a short drive in almost any direction, and I could find myself in unique forest, atop tall mountains, and many more.
The sun rises over Superstition Mountains
     Beauty abound, the Southwest provided me with some incredible outdoor adventures over the years. An overnight in the Superstition Mountains still remains one of my favorite hiking experiences. Sedona area was beyond breathtaking. I had a great time tubing the Salt River. Hiking and fishing the Molgion Rim was a great experience. I enjoyed exploring unique landscapes, studying the amazing and abundant wildlife, and taking on the great challenges offered.
     After looking through some of these pictures, I was thinking I might do a few recaps of some past adventures on here. I have had some great experiences, and took some nice pictures. I think it would be nice for me to relive the experience by writing a little about some of them, and sharing my thoughts and some decent pictures. I think if I do this, I will keep them short and sweet, since some time has passed, I wouldn't want to miss any of the finer details.
Steep descent on Camelback Mountain
     Thinking and talking about the Southwest, and all the enjoyment the outdoors there brings me, has me doing more than just reliving past experiences. It has me very excited for the future. I am planning to return there to experience much more of what the region has to offer.
     While my Summer is already booked with a very exciting adventure, I hope in the not to distant future to engage in some great experiences out there. For one, I am planning to do an extended backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. After a few visits there, I am convinced that I could make a truly epic trip through this beautiful natural wonder.
     Another example of something i would like to experience, is the newly completed Arizona Trail. This trail expands over the entire state of Arizona, and runs over 800 miles! This could be a future thru-hike for me. I would love the experience for sure, but it would be a challenge. I think water would be the biggest difficulty. We shall see, in time and planning.

     Thank you for reading along as I spill my thoughts about the great outdoors here on The Outdoor Wanderer. I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!
     Until next time, Happy Trails!
Hiking in Sedona

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