Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia!

     So here it is, I have traveled to Georgia. There is no turning back now...
     I arrived this afternoon via plane to Atlanta. I was immediately greeted by nice warm weather. Taking the train gave me a quick tour of the city. It seems exciting and fresh to me!
     I had a chance to walk around a bit today, and to soak in some of Atlanta. I figure I might as well make the most of the city while I am here. Soon I will be seeing very little pavement or billboards. Before I know it I will be taking a long, long walk through the "green tunnel".
     I have the privilege of staying with an awesome and generous friend here in Atlanta. I look forward to seeing him when he has some free time from work. He may even walk the first couple days with me on the trail!
     At the least, he has offered me a place to stay, and even a ride to the trail. It means a lot to me, I can't think of a better way to start off than with a friend.
     I did a little research, and I see that there is a good outfitters not more than a 40 minute walk from here, and a few grocery choices just minutes away. At some point I will probably hit these up for fuel, supply, and first couple days of food.
     My gear should arrive soon, either today or tomorrow. I shipped it through UPS, because it was cheaper and also easier than bringing it on the plane. Hopefully it all arrives in one piece!
     So, I have to say, I have all sorts of mixed feelings right now. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone in Maine, and just a few days later, to loved ones in Mass. I know what I am in for, this will be a very testing journey. It just all seems to be hitting me now. I have dreamed of this chance for many years. And that chance has come.
     No matter how far I make it, or what happens, this is a privilege I will not take for granted. I will walk the trail as best I can, and the trail will in turn give me a journey I will not soon forget.
     For now, I am looking forward to seeing a good friend and hopefully checking out Atlanta a bit. Live life to the fullest, because today only happens once!


  1. Enjoy it, man.

    And hey, be safe and don't hike alone!

  2. best of luck i had a great time on the trail in 2011 this year i paddle the mississippi !!!

  3. Georgia is amazing. I have a friend near atlanta who is trying to convince me to move down near her. She even offered free babysitting lol. Its pretty tempting.



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