Monday, March 26, 2012

North Carolina, A.T. Thruhike 2012

     I keep on walking these hills, rain or shine. North Carolina is certainly different than hiking Georgia... The elevation is higher, but there are less dips. So basically, there is more flat miles, but steeper and bigger climbs.
     And more rewarding climbs, at that! I climbed a steep section yesterday to the top of Albert Mountain, which had nice views and even a tower to climb. It also marked my 100th mile on the A.T.!
     Today I climbed several nice mountains, including a couple I had to take a side trail to the summit. Siler Bald, for example, required a steep climb off the A.T. but was so very worth it! At around 5,250 ft it offered 360 degree views.
     Wayah Bald was a long, continuous climb! The top housed the John B. Byrne Memorial Tower. I had an amazing view of mountains I have climbed, as well as the Great Smokies where I am headed! I could even make out Clingmans Dome, the tallest point on the A.T.!
     I have become separated from Coffee2go and Kdoe, and have been hiking alone mostly. Although I did run into them recently, we are camped in the same area tonight, and I am glad to see my friends are ok and moving right along in great spirits!
     I have also run into a couple other friends who started the trail before me, and I didn't think I would see. Trail named "Maps" and "Devining Rod", they look like they are doing well and having fun! It was nice running into them.
     It's been such a nice experience so far, doing the trail. A dream come true really. It is challenging, and is certainly not for everyone. But on a night like tonight, as I stargazed from my ridge, I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be.

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