Wednesday, March 28, 2012

N.O.C., A.T. Thruhike 2012

     I woke up yesterday morning to faint morning light. I sat, still wrapped in my sleeping bag, and watched the sunrise, in all its glory, from start to finish. It was absolutely beautiful.
     I thought to myself, I honestly can't remember the last time I just sat and watched a sunrise! I remember rushing to work, and saying "what a pretty sky"... But I cannot recall just sitting there, and enjoying something so simple yet so grand.
     I am realizing all these little things I have been taking for granted. We are all in this big hurry, as life slips right by.
     I put in some hard, rooty miles yesterday. I got to enjoy the views from yet another tower, high atop a mountain. I also witnessed a forest fire, in the distance. I am not sure if it was controlled, or a wild one.
     I was starting to get sore, from all the roots and rocks. No injuries, just pretty sore.
     I came to a bit of civilization, nestled between mountains. The Nantahala Outdoor Center stood before me, like an omen. The timing couldn't be more perfect.
     I resupplied on fuel at the Outfitters. Bought myself a much deserved Mr. Pibb, and reserved a bunk bed at the hostel.
     It was a nice, cheap way to recoup. I took a hot shower (two actually), did some laundry, and then joined some fellow thruhikers, Runner and Saint, at the restaurant for a huge burger and an ice cold beer. Boy was it a nice reward!
     I slept well, and am all packed and refreshed, ready to begin north once again. I have some really big climbs just ahead. I am going to force myself to take it easy the next two days, so I don't arrive before my maildrop does. My maildrop is a box containing the food I intend to carry through the Great Smokey Mountains. I can't wait to experience them.

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