Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Tray Mountain... 3/21/12

So it has been just so surreal thus far. I still can't believe I am really out here! Tonight I am camped in my tent near Tray Mountain Shelter, around 4200'.
     Everything has been going very well. I feel great, and believe it or not no blisters! I have witnessed a few other hikers removing their shoes, revealing mounds of tape and band aids. The only pain I am suffering from is a bit of sunburn. I received a little "trail magic" when some folks decided to give me a bottle of sun block... So kind!
     A very large black bear came into my camp the other night near Neels Gap! My friend Brent and two other hikers had to chase it off! It didn't seem to be very afraid of us!
     I must keep this post short and sweet, but will probably update tomorrow night, as I will be in the town of Hiawasee, sharing a room with a couple other hikers. One is a guy from Germany, with the trail name "Coffee-To-Go".
     A few peaks tomorrow and then my first chance to recharge the batteries, do some laundry, and take a shower! Then its back on the trail!

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